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For the duration of your association with AlternativeMe, you’ll earn substantial discounts! How does 30% off all items sound? And your own AlternativeYou 10% discount code you can share with your family and friends – on all orders?

You’ll need to do your part – and agree to the following terms and conditions

The initial contract period will be a minimum of three (3) months. On completion of three months, the contract will continue on a month-by-month basis.

You’ll maintain a public active Instagram or Facebook account (“active” means publicly posting a minimum of five (5) posts a week).

Every month you will tag and post at least three (3) quality images of the AlternativeMe products that are available on the website.

At the end of each month you will email the images posted during that month to AlternativeMe info@AlternativeMe.com.au. These images will be owned and utilised by AlternativeMe.

Termination of AlternativeYou agreement

• If you wish to terminate your AlternativeYou agreement, you must do this in writing to info@AlternativeMe.com.au, giving fourteen (14) days’ notice.
• AlternativeMe reserves the right to withdraw this agreement at any time, without notice.


To make a choice for a better tomorrow, send us an email info@AlternativeMe.com.au with links to your Instagram and/or Facebook page. And don’t forget to tell us about yourself and why you want to be part of AlternativeYou.
We look forward to changing the world with you – one choice at a time.