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Make a choice for a better tomorrow

How ”AlternativeMe” Began

I’m Katie, and seeking a better tomorrow is the reason I started AlternativeMe.
Like so many people, I was caught up in the corporate world and had little time to consider how I could help the environment.
But fortunately when my first baby came along, I began the journey to find products that were organic, or had a minimal environmental impact. Researching made me aware that many products claiming to be good were in fact, only revealing half the truth.


Make A choice for a better tomorrow

By constantly questioning my choices, I gradually began to replace products in my home. From cleaning items to face and hair ranges, bit by bit, organic or a better alternative took over. And I felt positive. I felt that I was making a difference with each choice I made.
From making informed choices, I began to source new products . And I’ve developed and made other products to fill a special need, like the little organic cotton AttachIt.
Fast forward to now. I have three children and know they’ll grow up in a home where natural products are a way of life. Where single-use products and plastic are avoided.
It’s exciting to inspire people to make small changes that have big impacts. I love that you care about the environment. And I thank you for your decision to be part of AlternativeMe.

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