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AlternativeMe @ Kingsfest 2019

Make a choice for a better tomorrow

AlternativeMe @ Kingsfest 2019


I’d like to welcome our new subscribers to our AlternativeMe family, from Kingsfest over the weekend just past. It was nice to meet you all. 

Kingsfest was held over the past Saturday & Sunday at The Kings Prep School in North Parramatta. It’s an annual event that attracts a large crowd. It held a wine & food show, high tea, art show, performances, British car rally, artisan & growers market, fine jewelry, and rides. There was so much to see and do! We saw Elmo, the Cookie Monster & Paw Patrol perform many shows over the weekend – big clap to the actors inside the costumes especially on the hot Sunday! 👏

I particularly enjoyed meeting my neighboring stall holders and chatting about their journey towards more sustainable living. It gives me so much joy to meet people, that have a passion for reducing their impact on the natural world, and trying to do their part in treating our earth with the respect it deserves. 

Your one decision does make a difference. 👍

And a shout out to the wonderful parents I met, showing their kids how it should be; and not accepting how it currently is 👏. Your example will help create the leaders, action-makers and future caretakers that we need for the Earth.

I was very impressed meeting a couple of young sisters, who spoke so eloquently about what changes we should be making, and how it affects everyone right now. They we clued up and ready to make the necessary changes. Go Girls!

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Thank you for joining me on this journey to make a better tomorrow. 


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