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AlternativeMe@Ferragosto Five Dock SYDNEY – 2019

Make a choice for a better tomorrow

AlternativeMe@Ferragosto Five Dock SYDNEY – 2019


SYDNEY turned out beautiful rays of sunshine on Sunday for Ferragosto. The fair kicked off with an Italian procession down the main strip of Great North Road, Five Dock. I loved seeing the Italian tradition proudly on display.

Watching the crowd browse by during the day, I could see what a dog-friendly area Five Dock was, all shapes and size pooches, some in pooch-prams, pooch bags or on sparkling leads. It brought a wide grin 😊 to my face! 🐕🐶🐺🐾

The crowd was a mix of young and old, loads of families out and about enjoying the sunshine🌞, food, stalls, rides and community atmosphere. 

The highlight of the event for me, was having great conversations about reducing, reusing, recycling, and alternative products. I love sharing insights into the different products out there to help us all, along this journey to tread lightly. 

I met many wonderful people who weren’t aware of the alternatives out there, other then what the supermarkets put on their shelves. I feel very positive that many people are open to changing their behaviors towards a more sustainable future. Wouldn’t it be nice to have these products already stocked on supermarket shelves as the MAINSTREAM rather than the alternative? Yes, AlternativeMe May not exist ➡️ oh what a nice problem to have! 

We all are time poor and I understand that the last thing you may want to do is research other alternatives to the crap you have on your shelves already at home. AlternativeMe was born out of the desire to help you with these choices. On our website there are limited choices for products purposely, as we only sell what we use and endorse ourselves. 

Let’s aim towards products that are durable, fit for purpose, natural, minimal impact, made locally, leave out all the synthetic stuff we don’t need and most of all stop to think about what we are using. 

Don’t let the commercials dictate how many times you need to wash your hair, change your toothbrush, throw out your cleaning cloths, spray your house with toxic chemicals, buy a cleaning product of each surface of your house and the list goes on. 

Be a conscious consumer. 

We love to share the passion – through our various social media platforms, the most information is found in our website blog ➡️ so sign up to our newsletter on our website to get updates & information. Yep we know it’s old skool 😉, but a great place for more info & specials. 

I welcome feedback on products or information you want to see & hear more about.

I leave today feeling elated at the possibilities of what we can achieve by working as one.  👍 🌳 💕 🌎


On a final note:

I’d like to thank the wonderful family & friends who helped make Ferragosto a success. 

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to visit & help.

Each one of you hold a very special place in my heart, and have contributed to who I am today. 🙏 💫 🌏 💐

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