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Furoshiki – Japanese Cloth Wrapping.

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Furoshiki – Japanese Cloth Wrapping.

There are so many alternatives to single use plastics. Furoshiki, the art of Japanese cloth wrapping; is a beautiful alternative. You can purchase Furoshiki cloths that have beautiful designs, make your own or even use a scarf.

The cloth is folded to wrap your item or tied to fashion into a bag.

Traditionally the cloths are rectangular in shape, in 50cm, 70cm or 90cm sizes measured diagonally across the material.

Thin durable material is usually preferred for ease of tying and wrapping.

They can also be made double sided, with two pieces of material sewn together; creating different looks and a more attractive finish when tied.

I love the simple idea behind reusing a cloth, or re-purposing a scarf. There is no limit to the different materials that can be utilised to match your personality or mood.


Furoshiki inspired wraps coming soon!

In the meantime, try the wax wraps.


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