Bathroom Set By AlternativeMe

Bathroom Set By AlternativeMe

The AlternativeMe Bathroom Set comprises of Da Floss, Da Floss refills and Best Buds cotton buds.


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DaFloss is a better alternative made from PLA, cornstarch coated in candelilla wax with a hint of mint.

Not the dance move, just a vegan floss for a better tomorrow. 30 meters.

Comes in a reusable glass container with a thread cutting aluminium lid.

The refill pack includes two 30 metre spools of fun, made to insert into DaFloss glass bottle.

Wax paper floss refills are wrapped in are plant based and compostable!

DaFloss spools are easy to insert into the empty bottle and if you have issues threading it into the hole lid, try sniping the end of the floss with sharp scissors then re-threading, this should do the trick.

Tip: Keep the other spool in the wax paper it comes in to lengthen the shelf life.

BetterBuds bought to you by AlternativeMe made from bamboo and organic cotton.

200 double ended organic cotton tips of cleaning goodness.

Crush the plastic pollution one cotton bud at a time!



To help swap out your products, this bathroom set gets you started on the journey to plastic freedom.



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