BioBag Bin Liners

BioBag Bin Liners

BioBag bin liner.

10 Litre Food Bag: 25 bags per roll

Measures Approximately: 430mm x 450mm


30 Litre Superline Bag: 25 bags per roll

Measures Approximately: 510mm x 600mm

Fully compostable

$5.50$6.50 AUD inc gst

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A BioBag is an environmentally sustainable alternative to regular, polyethylene plastic bags. BioBag is made from a resin (Mater-Bi®) derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers. They are fully compostable within 45 days in a well composting environment.

The food bags are thin so can be used as general waste bags.

The Superline Bags are a better option when using it for heavier waste, as they are thicker and less likely to tear.

Certified according to the European Standard EN 13432 for compostable products and the US Standard ASTM D6400

BioBag World Australia offers compostable alternatives to plastic bags that break down anywhere oxygen and microorganisms exist, with no toxic or microplastic residues. Bio Bag have a great range of products that replace what we use everyday and are compostable helping our planet.


I know one of the hardest plastics to give up in my household is the bin liner. We are a family of 5, that produce more waste then we’d like. Its one of the most frustrating things for me to try and reduce our waste. I find that when I have a busy week, we resort to pre-packaged or take away meals that are over packaged that adds to our waste.
Did you know most garbage bags that you purchase in the major supermarket chains are labelled ‘degradable’ – this means that they will break down through chemical additives in the plastic into smaller bits; but will always remain somewhere in the environment, as micro plastics. Thus this can be contributing to the bigger problem we have with plastic entering our food chain.
Then you have ‘biodegradable’, which means that in the right conditions, microorganisms will break it down usually within 6 months. The material in biodegradable bags, are usually derived from a plant source.
Then ‘compostable’ bags, which can be placed in a commercial compost facility (not readily available in Australia as yet)
Home Compostable
Then you have ‘home compostable’ which you can place directly into your compost bin in a residential environment. This obviously is the best choice if you choose to use a bin liner. But how realistic is it? If you use your bin liner to catch all your scraps to go to general waste landfill – how will you get this bin liner into your home compost, or even a commercial compost facility?

I know I can go cold turkey and use no liner – but alas it is too smelly & messy…… and then the newspaper option for me is not viable – because I don’t use paper newspapers!I know I’m not ready to give up a bin liner, for many other reasons – so the best option for me right now is the compostable liner….. at least it won’t break up into micro plastic and end up on my plate.

My message today is to be aware of what you consume. If you buy bin bags – just make sure you’re not adding to the plastic pollution out there.
If you have other great ideas – please enlighten me!


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