Fancy Face Buffers by AlternativeMe

Fancy Face Buffers by AlternativeMe

Reduce your impact on the world!

These face buffers can be used as an exfoliating cloth, a make up remover, face cloth or napkin. The uses are endless.

Pop in the wash to clean.

A convenient pack of 7 for ever day of the week!

Naturally soft double layer cotton muslin that dries quick.

Can be hung up with the tag

Made in Australia

$17.50 AUD inc gst

Out of stock


We decided to produce Fancy Face Buffers to reduce the demand on exfoliating products & disposable make up removal pads. 

Fancy Face Buffers can be used as an:

Exfoliating cloth – simply add water and use on face in a circular motion, or

A make up remover – add water and gently wipe off make up with or without remover, or

Face Cloth – just add water to wipe baby’s food face

Napkin – Why use tissues when you can use cloth that’s gentle on the lips and easy to wash


Fancy Face Buffer Prints will come in at least two print or colour styles.

Prints & colours to be randomly selected. 


We found that many exfoliants contain micro plastics in the product that never fully break down in the environment, not to mention the plastic bottles they come in.

We also thought make up removal pads are very wasteful, when a reusable cloth would do an even better job…………

Why not go back to basics with a reusable cloth with fun prints?

We know these babies will last you for a long while! Another bonus – reducing the demand on our resources!

Let’s back away from being the disposable society and embrace longevity in what we purchase.

One choice can make a better tomorrow.


Our product journey. 


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