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Out and About Eco Set by AlternativeMe

Out and About Eco Set by AlternativeMe

The plastic-free way forward!

Out and About Eco Set comprises of 5 organic cotton mesh produce bags, the On the Move cutlery travel set & Straw Straw wheat straws. Setting you up to continue the eco journey.

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Re Bag Organic cotton mesh bags

Excellent to carry your fruit from the grocery store, buckets & spades to the beach, toys under the pram, hang onions in the pantry and anything else you can think of!

They are sturdy and will hold a maximum of 3 kilograms.

Comes with 5 organic mesh bags in a handy canvas carry pouch (which can also double up to hold nuts & seeds!)

Approximate measurements: Mesh Bags 30×35 cm & Storage Pouch with drawstring 18×24 cm.

Total weight: 215 grams

Recommended cold machine wash & line dry.

On The Move Cutlery Set designed to be carried while out and about in a convenient canvas pouch.

This metal set contains a spoon, fork, knife, a pair of chopsticks, 8mm straw, 12mm straw & straw cleaner.

Straw Straw are disposable natural wheat drinking straws.

Made from the stems of wheat.

These straws come in a box of 100, and can be cut down to size.



The reliance on plastic is causing long lasting damage on our world. From polluting our oceans and land, killing our sea life and animals, to ingesting plastics through our food chain, the detrimental impact is endless.  There are many alternatives to plastic that are convenient, stylish, robust and overall better for our health. So why aren’t we substituting items for better alternatives?

So i decided to search for plastic-free alternatives.

I fell in love with the Re Bag Organic Produce Bags. Because it is made from organic cotton, these produce bags are sturdy, strong and can be used for a variety of uses. They are easy to wash, can hold a lot of weight, and look amazing.

The canvas carry bag, can be used for nuts, seeds and other small produce.

By using the Re Bag Organic Cotton Produce Bag. We are changing the things that we cannot accept.

Our product development journey. 


Take a look at how single use bags affect our environment:


AlternativeMe offers reusable drinking straws as part of our travel cutlery set, however we realised that there must be a need in the food service industry where reusable straws were too resource intensive and thus not viable.

It was difficult to source a suitable alternative that met all the requirements. Through our research, we found that bamboo adversely affected the taste of beverages, and paper was not durable enough for the task.

We stumbled across this beautiful example of re-purposing wheat stems into a marketable product. The simplicity of the product which fills a need made through the phasing out single use plastic straws.

Thinking outside the box to find sustainable solutions.


Cutlery & straws rate in the top 10 single use plastic waste generated.

This is not OK.

I started carrying around a reusable plastic cutlery set over 10 years ago, it has stood the test of time. However, I wanted to reduce the amount of plastic I was consuming. It was difficult to find travel cutlery that wasn’t plastic or didn’t come in plastic. And it was even more difficult to find a straw cleaner that didn’t have any plastic components.

Skip to today, here we are with the On The Move Travel Cutlery set that is suitable to pop into your bag while on the move. This can be your one step to tackle single use plastics one take out meal at a time!

Interestingly, the EU has agreed to phase out single use plastics and have come up with strategies to support this:


Lets start a movement to demand Australia take action too!

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