On The Move Travel Cutlery Set by AlternativeMe


On The Move Travel Cutlery Set by AlternativeMe

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The On The Move Cutlery Set designed to be carried while out and about in a convenient canvas pouch.

This metal set contains a spoon, fork, knife, a pair of chopsticks, 8mm straw, 12mm straw & straw cleaner.

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On the Move Cutlery Set is a handy travel cutlery set.

The 8mm straw is recommended for beverages such as thick shakes. While the 12mm straw is recommended for drinks such as bubble tea. The straw cleaner is made out of plant fiber.

To clean the canvas carry pouch, cold hand wash and line dry is recommended.

This travel cutlery set helps reduce single use plastic cutlery when eating & drinking out.

Measures Approximately:

Canvas bag – 25 x 8.5 cm

Straws – 21.5 cm

Chopsticks – 18 cm

Spoon – 3.5 x 18 cm

Fork – 2.5 x 18 cm

Knife – 1.5 x 18 cm


I enjoy eating out, and hate to admit that I’m a bubble tea fan. But the plastic waste generated by my consumption does not sit well.

The reality of how much plastic we use and dispose of is mind boggling.

It is estimated that 80% of ocean pollution is plastic.


Cutlery & straws rate in the top 10 single use plastic waste generated.

This is not OK.

I started carrying around a reusable plastic cutlery set over 10 years ago, it has stood the test of time. However, I wanted to reduce the amount of plastic I was consuming. It was difficult to find travel cutlery that wasn’t plastic or didn’t come in plastic. And it was even more difficult to find a straw cleaner that didn’t have any plastic components.

Skip to today, here we are with the On The Move Travel Cutlery set that is suitable to pop into your bag while on the move. This can be your one step to tackle single use plastics one take out meal at a time!

Interestingly, the EU has agreed to phase out single use plastics and have come up with strategies to support this:


Lets start a movement to demand Australia take action too!

1 review for On The Move Travel Cutlery Set by AlternativeMe

  1. Wendy Ho

    The metal straws are a wonderful replacement for the plastic disposable straws!
    When used for an cold icy drink, the straw is chilled and as you take a sip the straw chills the liquid!
    They are also so easy to clean with the straw cleaner!

    • Katie

      Wonderful to hear they improve your experience drinking.

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