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Straws Straws Straws


Non-plastic straw alternatives are plentiful, but why are there still so many plastic straws used?

By now we all understand the impact single use disposable plastic straws have on our world. It’s a convenience that many of us could do without. All it requires is speaking up and not accepting the straw as a standard article when you are purchasing your next beverage to drink. Yes, I do understand that sometimes you will require a straw….. and there are much better alternatives! Paper, bamboo, wheat, rice, corn, metal, and glass just to name a few…… Each alternative has its pros and cons, and that’s just what we have got going in the works! We are testing the plentiful alternatives out there with a variety of liquid beverages…… this requires a liquid diet here and there, but all for a great cause!

What we’ve found thus far is: 

Bamboo straws look great, but I personally don’t like the slight flavour you get as you suck on it.

Glass looks sleek, but is not durable enough for my spirited family. 

Metal feels amazing to handle and clean, and love using it on a hot day as you sip on a chilled drink. The best straw in my books for durability. 

Paper can come in almost any design, but is not durable to last more than 5 minutes in the drink.

Wheat straws are the front runner for me ATM. The best straw for me in regards to the pleasure derived from drinking with it. The texture changes slightly when exposed to liquid, and to me makes it all the more enjoyable to use, especially with fresh juice. 

Keep an eye out, we aim to get some in stock soon!

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