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Toothpaste – a cosmetic!

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Toothpaste – a cosmetic!


I actually didn’t know that toothpaste tubes were exceptionally hard to recycle. But if you stop and think about it – you could see why this is so. All the toothpaste residue left inside the tube would be problematic.

Then it led me to look into the ingredients of mainstream toothpaste……. And I couldn’t believe what we put into our mouths, and in many cases let our kids swallow (coz they love the fun colours and flavours of toothpaste!). These are one of the many light bulb moments I’ve had since beginning this journey some years ago…… and the why’s just keep coming.

Did you know toothpaste isn’t categorised as a food product – thus doesn’t have to comply to the same high standard as food?

I find this very strange since it is put in our mouths, and in avertedly we will swallow some.

It is a cosmetic! It’s the toothbrush that cleans your teeth, not the paste!

So if we have a closer look at the ingredients in toothpaste we might just all make the switch.

Common ingredients in most mainstream tooth paste:

Detergents (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate SLS) – helps create foam. It can cause irritation in the mouth and in some cases mouth sores.

Fluoride – It is a mineral that helps make the enamel on your teeth harder to fight tooth decay. Small quantities of fluoride is not harmful, however we are also exposed to fluoride through our tap water. So I question if we really need it in our toothpaste?

Humectants (sorbital, glycerol, polyethylene) – Keep toothpaste moist and textured.

Sweeteners & binders (Sorbitol, glycerol, xylitol, stevia & sodium saccharin) – stabilise the toothpaste.

Abrasives (calcium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, dicalcium phosphate dehydrate, silica or hydrated silica, sodium chloride) – that helps remove plaque and surface stains, which is not as effective as seeing your dentist for a clean! Totally not necessary.

Preservatives (hydroxyl-benzoates or methyl-paraben) – supress bacterial growth and contamination in the tube.

Flavours – we shouldn’t be swallowing it anyway, so why are we using it?

Colours (titanium oxide, chlorophyll, CI42090) – really unnecessary, but great for marketing to children!

Desensitisers (sodium citrate, casein phosphopeptise and potassium nitrate) – most of the time the sensitivity is due to a cavity. It’s just a Band-Aid to hide the real problem – See your dentist to get it fixed!

Don’t be a product of marketing – know what you’re putting in your mouth


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